Popular Flowers for Garnishing Your Special Day with Love

Flowers are the best creation of God that beautifyour surroundings. To welcome guests at our place, we decorate with flowers and also to gift someone on their special days we buy flowers. Gifting flowers is generally associated with the expression of love. Historical records and studies reveal thatit was the Victorian time when this tradition of gifting flower started because expressing love or words of appreciation in front of others was considered impolite. And that’s why various flowers are associated with various expressions of emotions. These signs and symbols of flowers are still followed and you can get the best flowers in India through Ferns N Petals.


Some of the popular flowers used to decorate special days are discussed below:

Rose: Rose is considered the king of flowers and its various colors has different meanings. Red rose means deep and passionate love. To express romantic love for boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife, red roses are perfect and are also a symbol of enchanting beauty. Pink roses are meant for cheering a friend or sending a thank you notes to someone. Bright orange color of rose is meant to congratulate someone. Yellow rose is sent to friends or for forming new friendship and also as a sign of cheerful youth.

Orchid: More than 25000 species of orchids are available in the world and they offer a great view. On any wedding occasion or on birthday party, you can cheerfully take this flower. As per ancient Greek mythology, orchids were representation of fertility and therefore it’s always great to gift this flower to a newly-wed couple or to a mom-to-be. Beauty, charm, thoughtfulness are other traits attached with this enchanting flower.

Tulip: This bulbous flower looks perfect as a flower offering beauty and charm. To commemorate the enduring and unending love between partners, this is the best kind of flower. Therefore, don’t forget to get this flower while wishing anniversary to a couple. Abundance, happiness, and prosperity is also symbolized by this flower.

Lily: The petals of lily are large enough to express all your feelings of love and gratitude to someone special. It signifies royalty, purity, and passion. It may delight you to learn that in China people wish newly-wed couples with lilies as it’s a sign of fertility and motherhood and they also present lilies to families that have just experienced a loss. Because they believe that lily is a symbolism of regrowth or rebirth and helps in coping with loss.

Now, when you know the significance of these popular flowers, you can order some flowers in India via Ferns N Petals and embellish the occasion.