Five Factors to Keep in Mind While You Purchase Wood Routers

download (62)What are the key factors that determine most of your decisions especially when you are buying tools for your work? Let me discuss the most important factors that are vital for any decision that I take when I go for purchasing a new thing, specifically the tool that I most use in my work. The following are the main factors that influence my decisions while I purchase the tools for my wood work.


With more than twenty years of standing as a professional wood worker, I have used many tools in my work. It is often the tools that you use that determine the quality of your work. But, let me say, in addition to the quality, I always see the safety in using the tool. Safety to the user is the prime concern to me. I have seen many young workers injuring themselves while using different tools.

Proper training and guidance should be given to the amateurs and young and inexperienced workers in using the wood routers.


When I am making a final selection of the tool, the one thing that plays a key role is the quality of the tool. I cannot compromise with the quality of the tool. I had enough experiences in this regard. Let me share with you how a defective tool played spoil sport with my work.

I recollect my experience how it went bad to worse when I tried to cut the wood and carve the sides into curves with the wood router I had. It did not cut the wood properly – the motor had some problem leading to varying speeds in the rotation of the router. It not only wasted my time but also spoiled the piece of work I was doing. Though I succeeded in making the final product, it was not up to my expectations.


The life of a tool is determined by the quality of the tool basically. In addition to the quality, how you use the tool while you are working with it will also determine its life. A tool without a sufficient life incurs recurring expenditure on buying tools.

Sometimes, a faulty tool can cause you annoying experience throughout your work if you don’t change the tool immediately. I often feel it is better to put off the work than managing to do with the defective tools in our hands.


Ever since that experience, I make it a point to see that the tools I use are in perfect shape and fit to use. It is especially so with the wood routers. There are different types of routers for different purposes. You need to change the tool depending on the purpose you are using it. Though you are using the router only, still the router you are using can make a difference. It is because there are different bits to adjust according to the need and purpose.


As you know it well, you cannot imagine producing the best quality product when you feel it inconvenient to handle the tools. The tools you use should be comfortable to handle. Tools define the quality. At the same time, how user-friendly they are, is also an important factor. The right set of tools helps you to work smoothly without any problems. Among the various factors that influence my decision, the following are the main reasons.