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Tips To Opt For The Right Waist Training Corset

download (65)Do you need to buy a waist training corset? It’s not as hard as it was a few years back. Nowadays, you don’t need to be at the store in person. All you need to do is sit at your computer and search for your desired corset at an online store. When looking for a good corset, you will come across a lot of online stores that sell corsets of different materials, patterns, shades, prices and designs, just to name a few. So, you have to be very careful when choosing one. Below are a few simple tips that can help you with this decision.

Steel Boned Corsets

You may find corsets made with steel bones and plastic bones. While you can go for plastic bones as well, but we recommend that you opt for a corset made of steel as steel is stronger than plastic.

Most of plastic bone corsets don’t stand the test of time as they are poor quality. Aside from this, plastic is not a good option as far as waist training goes. What you need to do is ensure that you buy the corset from a reliable store. The store should be known for their high quality products.

Custom Made Corsets

Another good option is to order a custom made corset, especially if you are so passionate about your waist training. The professional will design the corset keeping in mind the structure and type of your body. What they can do is mold the corset into your desired shape.

The fact of the matter is that custom made corset are a lot better than the ones already made. But if you don’t know your physique yet, it is better that you invest in a readymade corset. Once you know your physique, you can order a custom made one.


While buying online, you may want to spend a good deal of time looking at the pictures of different types of corsets, which will let you know about their shape and suitability. Aside from this, you may also want to check out the photos of girls wearing the corset you want to buy. This will give you a very good idea of how it will look on you.

Type of Opening

One last thing that you should keep in mind is the opening in the corset. Usually, corsets feature metal clasp, zipper openings, or metal busk. Based on your own requirements and convenience, you can go for the right one. But we recommend that you choose one that has a steel busk hole as it will be able to take the pressure better. This is a lot better to reshape and remold your waist with ease.

So, these are a few tips that you should follow to choose a corset that will suit you the best. The thing is that you should go for a readymade corset first. Once you get more familiar with how it works, you can go ahead and order a custom made.

Best Decisions In Getting Custom Shopping Bags

download (64)Small businesses, or small to medium enterprises, make up a significant portion of the global company. In fact, small businesses account for 60 percent of the GDP of most developed nations. But with the sheer number of businesses out there, it’s imperative that you constantly find ways to stand out and keep your brand, products, and services visible to customers

One way of doing so is through personalized shopping bags, which you can order from custom bag manufacturers. Savvy business owners know full well how effective custom shopping bags can be when it comes to spreading word of their company and what they do. These bags can be customized with your brand, logo, message, and contact info, providing free advertising when your customers carry them around.

Below are some reasons on why custom shopping bags provided by reliable bag manufacturers are a great investment.

1. Customers Need Them

If your business sells any kind of tangible goods from a brick and mortar store, your customers will expect to be provided with a shopping bag to carry their purchase(s). Whether your business is a retail store, a bakery, butcher shop, or other kind of shop, you need to give something to your customers transport your products.

2. They’re Reusable

In this time and age of environmental awareness over our need to reduce and reuse, high-quality custom shopping bags made from fabric have become a popular choice among shoppers for carrying their purchases.

However, the fact that these bags are reusable also means that their advertising and marketing value increases exponentially. Each time someone carries your custom shopping bags around with them means another instance of your brand name, logo, and contact details being seen in public. It’s a marketing opportunity no business owner should pass up on.

3. They’re Relatively Affordable

While it’s every small business owner’s dream to blanket their city or state with ads and other promotional materials, such marketing solutions are often out of their budgets. Traditional platforms of advertising like TV, radio, and print can cost a pretty penny, forcing small business owners to turn to online advertising or find other ways to improvise.

Although no longer a secret, custom shopping bags still offer tremendous value for any business looking to build awareness and establish a look of reliability. Moreover, these bags aren’t too expensive either, offered by custom bag manufacturers at relatively affordable prices. It is not just about affordable prices but the fashion it brings to the one who bears it including the durability and environmental friendliness of this customised shopping bags.

How And Where To Use Your iTunes Gift Card

images (44)For many people who have not tried purchasing iTunes gift cards, it is a smart thing to know how and where you can use these cards so you will be sure of your purchase. These cards will allow you to purchase other cool products and not just digital music. First off, you can create a membership with the card if you don’t have a membership yet. With this, you can take advantage of other services offered such as access to videos, ad-free on-demand music stations, and many others.

Aside from this, your iTunes gift card balance will let you purchase games off of the App Store. Apple has a bounty of games that you can buy and download to your device. Alternatively, you can buy them for someone else. And if you are not into games and digital music, it still won’t be a waste to buy iTunes gift card because the iBooks store has e-books that you can purchase with the credits of the card. The online Apple store has a massive library of popular literary works. The e-books are great deals; they are much cheaper than the tomes you can purchase from a traditional bookstore.

If you’re a voracious reader, you can definitely get the best bang for your book money if you use an iTunes gift card to purchase e-books. You can likewise buy all sorts of apps with the card. The Mac App Store has a vast selection of useful apps that you can download to your iPhone to increase its functionality or simply to make it an even more entertaining device. The app store has apps designed to help you improve your health such as diet planners, hydration monitors, digital blood pressure monitors, pedometers, et cetera. There are also apps that can help you with daily tasks; there are various organizers to choose from. You can also choose apps designed purely for personal entertainment like special cameras, style-makers, and home designers, to cite some. And all these can be bought using your iTunes gift card.

Dining Atop the Retail Food Chain

download (63)I have a theory. If you watch a lot of television on an actual television, you probably also spend a lot of time in shopping malls.

Why do I think so? There are a few reasons. You are likely to be older, which is why you don’t watch your video entertainment on your phone – or simply use your TV as a conveniently large screen for streaming your Netflix program of choice via Chromecast, Fire Stick or Roku.

Being older, you also probably have not migrated as much of your commerce to the online world as have millennials and “post-millennials” (in other words, teenagers). Chances are, however, you are catching up fast in this area.

Finally, though this correlation is not as tight as the others, being older means you probably have more disposable income than young people who must pay off student loans while on the lower rungs of the career ladder. All of these factors make you a prime candidate to spend time in so-called “A++” malls.

The A++ ranking comes from Green Street Advisors, a real estate research firm, and only three dozen malls make the grade nationwide. (1) These malls include some of my favorites, such as the Lenox Square mall in Atlanta and Westfield Century City mall in Los Angeles. The Westchester, a mall located in the New York county of the same name, is also a likely member of the mostly private list, based on its high sales performance.

You don’t visit places like these to save a few bucks on a new pair of shoes – just as you don’t go to the local multiplex theater to secure the best possible cinematic bargain. These are destinations. You go because you can do a few things that you enjoy, or maybe things that you can tolerate while your companion enjoys them, in a relatively pleasant atmosphere.

The bifurcation of the mall economy reflects the bifurcation of the real economy. A small share of the population with a lot of disposable income can afford to spend a slice of that income for pleasure. A much larger group, which needs to stretch their dollars as far as possible, has an expanding and much more efficient suite of options for pursuing value on the Internet. And when saving money is a priority, affluent people can – and do – use those options too.

Unlike some, I do not think this bifurcation is necessarily a bad thing. For most households, getting the most out of every dollar is important. Not having to pay for the overhead expenses that come with even a decently maintained mall provides a significant savings, not to mention the convenience of an expanded inventory and home delivery. That is why the overall number of malls in this country is shrinking, even as the select few at the top are renovating and expanding.

Whether or not economic bifurcation is good, however, it provides a clear explanation for what is happening to American malls. Conventional wisdom holds that malls are dying – and for lower tier malls, that perception is true. Green Street Advisors estimates that about 15 percent of existing U.S. malls will close in the next decade. (2) And new malls are rare; only six have opened since 2006. (1)

It is an open question how these old dead and dying malls will be repurposed in the future. Since many of them occupy high-traffic spots near transit arteries, they may one day make good work spaces, hotels, convention centers or mixed-use projects that include residential developments. We will have to wait and see.

In contrast, the owners of the most successful malls have not hesitated to spend large sums in pursuit of staying fashionable. Westfield Corp. is giving Century City an $800 million facelift. Simon Property Group, the biggest mall owner in the country by market capitalization, has said that it plans to redevelop or expand 29 of its properties here and in Europe. Such optimism is not without foundation, either. Simon’s share prices hit an all-time high last October, Bloomberg reported. (1)

The high-end malls that do survive will likely look a lot more like today’s urban downtowns – just as old malls reflected the downtowns of yesteryear. Downtowns were once principally shopping destinations, until shoppers headed out to suburban malls instead. Today’s downtowns have largely been revitalized as entertainment and dining destinations, often aimed at those with the ability and inclination to spend on high-end experiences. Based on the trajectory of existing top-tier malls, those that survive will likely evolve the same way, focusing on luxury retail paired with popular dining chains, high-end services such as salons, and entertainment options such as state-of-the-art movie theaters.

The malls of 25 years ago, a collection of shops geared largely toward middle-class shoppers anchored by a department store such as J.C. Penny or Sears, are vanishing. But if you want a place to go to handle the latest i-gadget, where you can then walk a few steps to order a mochaccino, there is likely to be a mall for you for quite some time to come.